Why is the Driver “Unidentified”?

The Post does not mention that these people are black, and that this is obviously a racial hate murder.

You can see black hands in the video, you can hear black voices, and one of them says “nigga.”

But we’re supposed to act like this is just “random violence” from “youths.”

New York Post:

A retired California police chief was deliberately mowed down and killed while riding his bike in Las Vegas by a laughing teenage driver whose pal can be heard saying “Yeah, hit his ass,” video of the incident shows.

Andreas Probst, 64, was killed after he was deliberately struck while out for a morning bike ride around 6 a.m. on Aug. 14, according to Las Vegas police.

The unidentified 17-year-old driver of the Hyundai was soon arrested by police soon afterward, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

The teen has since been charged with murder, after police discovered a video posted to social media that allegedly showed him deliberately hitting the man.

This weekend, the shocking footage went viral online, showing the driver asking his pals “ready?” as the passenger films, laughing.

“Yeah, hit his ass,” he tells the driver before plowing into the retiree.

The disturbing clip, reviewed by the Daily Mail, begins with the passengers cursing at other cars as they speed by on the North Tenaya Way, near West Centennial Parkway.

Video shows the car approaching a man in red riding a bicycle on the side of the road from behind. With his friends’ encouragement, the driver pulls into the bike lane behind him, honks his horn, and deliberately smashes directly into his back tire with a loud bang, sending the cyclist flying.

The passenger films the man lying helplessly on the side of the road behind the vehicle.

“Damn that n—a got knocked out!” the passenger says as the driver can be heard stepping on the gas.

It’s wild that we’re not allowed to talk about the fact that blacks have declared open season on white people.

They are killing people for being white.

What is the point of conservatives covering this up?

Unless all of these conservatives are totally controlled by the Jews, there is simply no reason they wouldn’t mention this.

If you’re going to report this as a random event, then honestly, there’s not any reason to even bother mentioning it at all.