White House Claims They’ve Only Spent $100 Billion on Ukraine War

I’m pretty sure it’s actually a lot more than this.


President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly confirmed more than $100 billion in US aid to Ukraine since the Russian military offensive began in February 2022, prompting one lawmaker to call for ending the “money pit.”

Responding seven months late to a request from Senate Republicans for an accounting of US assistance to Ukraine, the White House turned over a spreadsheet detailing nearly $101.2 billion in aid that had already been sent to Kiev or committed, Fox News reported on Tuesday. The administration has an additional $9.8 billion in Ukraine spending planned, as well as the $24 billion in new aid that Biden requested from Congress last month.

“We’ve got to stop sinking money into the Ukrainian money pit,” Senator J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) said in reaction to the belated disclosure. Vance and dozens of other Republican lawmakers requested the Ukraine spending information in January and set a February 7 deadline for a response.

When does the accounting end, I wonder?

This document appears to claim that it is the spending up through Fiscal Year 2023, but that isn’t clear. It’s giving specific dates for some categories and not for others in a way that is clearly meant to obfuscate what the dates on the calculations are.

If it’s $100 billion up through January, I could maybe believe it.

Of course, even if that is the totally correct official number, that’s not anywhere close to the total reality, which is that all of the “European” aid is also coming from the US. Also, the military is spending freely from its existing budget in various ways that aren’t calculated, there’s the intelligence black budget, replacing the equipment that’s being sent is going to cost a lot more than it originally cost, the US is funding humanitarian and refugee programs that are separate from this, and also, they just lie about everything and there are probably funds you can’t even imagine being redirected to this war.

Then you have the cost to the country of destroying relations with so many countries by making everyone believe America is totally insane. Countries are lining up and joining BRICS, which has the stated goal of destroying the US dollar. This cost is incalculable. If we look at this as a situation where the Ukraine war is trigging a total collapse of the US dollar, it would be in the tens of trillions. This is especially true given that the M1 money supply is so large now (because there was a virus or whatever, lol).

Remember when the Democrats told Trump that it was fiscally irresponsible to spend $15 billion on a Mexican border wall?