Vile Irish Peasant Biden Says He Wanted to Meet Emperor Xi at G20 – Xi Isn’t Even Going

America goes to these events to stuff its face in between morality lectures about the glorious necessity of gay anal (fisting and rimjobs, as well as other forms).

Leaders are increasingly missing these Western/globalist meetings.

There isn’t really anything to talk about at this point. All the US does is threaten and lie, and if you want to hear which threats and lies they’re currently spewing, you can just check the New York Times.

Unless you want to engage in some kind of criminal conspiracy with them, the only thing you’re going to get when you meet American leaders is a moral lecture. They’ll do an international criminal conspiracy with you, if you’re into that, but aside from that, it’s just a lot of moralizing.


US President Joe Biden expressed his disappointment when asked about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s reported plan to skip the summit of G20 leaders in New Delhi.

“I am disappointed… but I am going to get to see him,” Biden told reporters in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Sunday, without elaborating upon where exactly he hopes to meet the Chinese leader and when.

That actually sounds like a threat, no?

Xi Jinping is unlikely to attend the upcoming G20 summit in India in person, Reuters reported last week, citing unnamed Chinese and Indian officials. Beijing’s delegation at the event will instead be headed by Chinese Premier Li Qiang, the agency claimed.

Beijing has yet to officially confirm the Chinese leader’s travel plans. The Indian and Chinese foreign ministries declined to comment when asked about the issue.

Li is a high level official, obviously. And Russia is sending Lavrov. So they’re not disengaging completely.

But as a general matter, under Joe Biden, relations between the US and its proxies and the rest of the world have deteriorated so severely that there is nothing to even talk about.

The US’ transformation into a supervillain nation has been less than stellar.

What can Putin or Xi say to these people? Any information they share will be used against them. Everyone now understands that the US wants “war at any cost.” They could have understood that a long time ago if they were reading this website, where I’ve been explaining this globalist (Jewish, quite frankly) agenda for ten years.

People forget – I laid out the whole Ukraine plot back in 2014, explained how they took the country and were setting it up for a proxy war with Russia. Then Russia kept trying to do the Minsk Accords, like “please, just stop killing these people in Donbass.” Then they thought the US would negotiate if they invaded, so they didn’t send in a real shock and awe force.

All they had to do was read this website.

It’s all anyone has to do to understand geopolitics, women, or any other top issue.

They’ve been trying to keep me down, but I’m still here, still giving the facts, all in a line.

There is nothing else like this in the world.