Trump’s Mug Shot is a Gift from the Blacks

Donald Trump’s mugshot is something we’ve been waiting for.

He kept getting all of these charges, but none of these cowards would arrest him and book him. Then the blacks in Georgia actually did it.

It’s a potent symbol. He’s making the perfect face. He looks like a vicious freedom eagle.

There will be a large statue of this face in the future.

Rudy Giuliani also made the perfect face. This is the face he makes right after he tells a 30-year-old secretary to “come over here so I can lick them titties.”

Some serious “blocks your path” vibes there.

The state of Georgia has charged Trump with “grave misdeeds of an infamous nature” and “cruel necromancy.” He faces a total of 1,700 charges related to rape, white supremacy, and witchcraft. Fani Willis, the black guy who runs Georgia’s cops, said of Trump: “This muthafuka done been talking to dead people, and folks wanna know what them dead niggas been sayin’, you heard?”

Then, as the press conference was ongoing, an obese woman named Shannanaq brought him a plate of ribs, and he said “damn, boy – is we be grubbin’? I ain’t even know we be grubbin’ out this bitch. Shieet.”

She then stabbed a dog.

Big shoutout to Fani. The whites were trying to keep us from our mugshot, and this nigga gave us the best one ever.


I’ve been informed by several officials from Georgia that Fani Willis is a female. Or identifies that way or whatever. Who knows anymore.

One thing we do know is that this bitch be grubbin’.