The Science Announces That the Earth is No Longer Fit for Human Life

Oh, shit – we can’t be live here no more?

Where we be live, and we ain’t can’t live in the earth?

Muthafuakas be live in the sky out here? Or is bitches go underground?

My ass is getting me a boat if no earth can’t life.

The Guardian:

Earth’s life support systems have been so damaged that the planet is “well outside the safe operating space for humanity”, scientists have warned.

Their assessment found that six out of nine “planetary boundaries” had been broken because of human-caused pollution and destruction of the natural world. The planetary boundaries are the limits of key global systems – such as climate, water and wildlife diversity – beyond which their ability to maintain a healthy planet is in danger of failing.

The broken boundaries mean the systems have been driven far from the safe and stable state that existed from the end of the last ice age, 10,000 years ago, to the start of the industrial revolution. The whole of modern civilisation arose in this time period, called the Holocene.

The assessment was the first of all nine planetary boundaries and represented the “first scientific health check for the entire planet”, the researchers said. Six boundaries have been passed and two are judged to be close to being broken: air pollution and ocean acidification. The one boundary that is not threatened is atmospheric ozone, after action to phase out destructive chemicals in recent decades led to the ozone hole shrinking.

The scientists said the “most worrying” finding was that all four of the biological boundaries, which cover the living world, were at, or close to, the highest risk level. The living world is particularly vital to the Earth as it provides resilience by compensating for some physical changes, for example, trees absorbing carbon dioxide pollution.

The planetary boundaries are not irreversible tipping points beyond which sudden and serious deterioration occurs, the scientists said. Instead, they are points after which the risks of fundamental changes in the Earth’s physical, biological and chemical life support systems rise significantly. The planetary boundaries were first devised in 2009 and updated in 2015, when only seven could be assessed.

Prof Katherine Richardson, from the University of Copenhagen who led the analysis, said: “We know for certain that humanity can thrive under the conditions that have been here for 10,000 years – we don’t know that we can thrive under major, dramatic alterations [and] humans impacts on the Earth system as a whole are increasing as we speak.”

She said the Earth could be thought of as a patient with very high blood pressure: “That does not indicate a certain heart attack, but it does greatly raise the risk.”

Okay, well.

We’re at the end of an ice age.

The polar ice caps have been melting for more than 10,000 years. This is because the intensity of the sun fluctuates.

The reason they switched from saying that we were going to have global cooling to claiming we were going to have global warming is that they realized that at some point, the temperatures were going to go up, because we are on a thousands of years long timeline where temperatures are going up.

Ice core samples from Antarctica show the patterns of both CO2 and temperature over half a million years.

If you pin down the global warming scientists (in a choke-hold), they will tell you that yes, the temperature is rising naturally – but humans are unnaturally making it rise faster. The ice core samples also show that CO2 increase trails warming (not the other way around).

Of course, we are talking about small changes, in the scheme of things. The idea that humans can’t live in slightly higher temperatures is absurd – and even if it were true, people could just move slightly north.

But I mean – the average temperature in Phoenix is the summer is 106 degrees F.

No one is claiming that like, the Midwest is ever going to get that hot.

They’ve also stopped talking about how Florida and New York are going to be under water (they had to stop talking about it because people kept asking why the ultra-wealthy are still investing in these places).


Even if manmade warming was all true, it would literally mean little to nothing. It would happen very slowly, and I guess if fat people were really bothered by the heat rise, they would have to either lose weight or move north.

In general, warming would increase abundance globally, as it would extend the growing season in the most fertile areas of the world.

Manmade global warming is a complete and total hoax, but it’s important to also note that even if it were not a complete and total hoax, the idea that it would be a crisis – one of such magnitude you have to destroy the whole world trying to stop it – is utterly nonsensical.

Overall, an increase in warmth would be a net positive, regardless of how you look at it.

It would be especially good for those retards in the Ukraine who are constantly freezing to death because they’re too stupid and lazy to chop wood.

From 2012:

The whole global warming hoax is just goofy and exhausting.

If the lies the government/media told were better, it would be less exhausting. But the lies are all retarded on their face, and the fact that people believe them boils and melts my mind.