Tensions Mount: Israeli Mossad Says Russia’s Alliance with Iran is a Threat…!

I really want to see mounting tensions between Russia and Israel.

Russia is the defender of the faith, and it is only right that they be directly confrontational with Israel.


The head of Israel’s chief intelligence agency has expressed concern that Russia could provide advanced munitions and raw materials to Iran, putting Israeli national security, and possibly the country’s existence, at risk.

Speaking at an annual conference at the Institute of Counter-Terrorism Policy at Reichman University in Herzliya on Sunday, Mossad Director David Barnea claimed that Tehran supplied Moscow with kamikaze drones after the outbreak of the latest Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict in February 2022.

“Our fear is that the Russians will transfer to the Iranians in return what they lack, advanced weapons that will certainly endanger our peace, and maybe even our existence here,” Barnea said, as quoted by the Times of Israel.

Barnea accused Tehran of using “proxy teams” to attack Jews in Israel and abroad, warning that the Islamic Republic is seeking ways to procure new missile technology and more powerful drones.

The thing about this is… Israel is almost sort of on Russia’s side in the Ukraine, because they don’t want the US wasting resources that they consider their own fighting Russia when they should be fighting Iran.

Meanwhile, American Jews are trying to force the Israelis to get on board with the Ukraine agenda. Zelensky has made all these strange statements towards Israel.

Probably, the US Jews have a lot more leverage over the Mossad than they do over Bibi, which is why the Mossad is making these statements and not Bibi.

Bibi is tiptoeing the hell around the entire Russia issue, including the Ukraine. It’s not particularly normal for the Mossad to come out with a major statement like this. The only explanation is that Bibi doesn’t want to say it, because again, Bibi thinks the US is wasting resources that should be used on Iran.

The Mossad is trying to package the whole thing together, connecting the Ukraine to Iran.

Jews arguing over which wars America should be fighting is exhausting.

GI Joes are going along with this like “hmmm, which Jew war is the best Jew war??? Can’t we have all Jew wars???”