Red Ronny DeSantis (Communist) Forces Old Hippy Woman to Tear Down Treehouse

I may be a white supremacist neo-Nazi fascist and whichever other stupid buzzwords, but I’m a sucker for some old-fashioned hippie shit.

It makes me sick that Red Ronny DeSantis is using communism to force this old woman out of her lovely hippie treehouse.

New York Post:

A Florida grandma is being forced to tear down the treehouse she has been living in for almost two decades after she accumulated $40,000 in fines from the county over code violations and concerns it was “unsafe.”

Shawnee Chasser, 72, of Miami has resided on the same property in North Miami for 17 years where she built a home in a large tree fully equipped with a kitchen and living room on the ground.

“I’ve always lived outdoors. For me, it’s the only way to live,” Chasser told 7News Miami. “I have to hear the rain and the wind at night. If I don’t, I go crazy, and I’m claustrophobic.”

I know that feeling!

Urbanism is a plague!

Chasser initially bought the property for her son and she moved into the treehouse when he died, according to CBS News Miami.

While she has enjoyed being outside and in the trees, Chasser’s neighbors weren’t as thrilled, reporting the property to the Miami-Dade County and the Building Code Enforcement Department in 2015.

The code enforcers found the treehouse wasn’t safe to live in and asked the grandma of two to either take it down or bring it up to code.

She was fined $11,320.00 and $11,481.50 in one day for violating Chapter 33 of Florida law (zoning) and “unauthorized use within a single-family residential district,” according to a GoFundMe set up by Chasser.

Chasser didn’t comply with the orders and has accumulated roughly $40,000 in fines from the county over the past 8 years.

Chasser said she was done fighting and decided to begin the process of tearing down the structures on Sept. 18.

“I’m not a fighter, you know? I fought against the Vietnam War,” she said. “I’m done fighting, and I just want peace.”

Yeah, we all want peace. Except Red Ronny, who wants endless war in the Ukraine and endless war with all of Israel’s enemies – including China.

Her house is beautiful.

Red Ronny defenders will be like “oh well, Ronny isn’t doing this personally – he’s not responsible for every single action of every county government in Florida!”

Well, Ronny had time to make laws banning American citizens from criticizing Israel. It seems to me he had time to prevent this woman from having her treehouse taken from her.

He could have at least lobbied for her, like he lobbies for the Israelis.

But he doesn’t have time for the American people, it seems.