Polish City on “Ukraine” Border Blighted with Disease, Blames Russia

Unlike various alleged “respiratory viruses,” bacterial pneumonia is something we have confirmed is real. This is bacteria you can see with a microscope. A lot of people think that various illnesses caused by respiratory “viruses” are in fact bacterial in nature. During the coronavirus mania, they were admitting that the ventilators they were putting people on were giving them bacterial pneumonia and that was actually the cause of death in many cases.

This is one of those small, seemingly irrelevant things that could all of a sudden become a big important thing.


Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW) is investigating whether the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Rzeszow may have been an act of “sabotage,” a spokesman said on Friday.

We also see that Russia is trying to spread some panic on this occasion and is watching what is happening. This is also a factor that makes us rule out certain scenarios,” Stanislaw Zaryn, a spokesman for the security services in Warsaw, told Polish media.

Who talks like this?

I mean, I get that it’s translated, but how would Russia “spreading panic” (i.e., reporting on the story) rule something out?

According to his theory, wouldn’t it simply show that it’s possible Russia is spreading diseases? Or is he actually claiming that Russia “spreading panic” rules out everything other than a Russian plot being behind this outbreak of bacterial pneumonia?

There have been 113 registered cases in the area, from the city of Rzeszow itself to the town of Przemysl on the border with Ukraine. Seven of the patients have died. The authorities say they were between the ages of 64 and 95, and had comorbidities such as cancer.

Ewa Leniart, the head of the regional government, told the broadcaster RMF that the contagion most likely originated in the water supply system. Samples have been sent to laboratories and the first test results are expected on Monday, she said, adding that the situation is under control.

Located in southeastern Poland about 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, Rzeszow became the hub for US and NATO efforts to supply Ukraine with weapons, ammunition, and equipment after Russia launched its military operation in the neighboring state in February 2022. It has also been the staging area for Western leaders traveling to Ukraine by train, including US President Joe Biden. A number of US troops are stationed near the city.

This is not a rare thing, to have a Legionnaires outbreak. It happens regularly in non-tropical countries. You can look at the Wikipedia list. In 2019, 141 people got it at a North Carolina fair and they blamed a hot tub. I’ve met Polish people, and I can promise you, if one of them ever gets money, the first thing he is doing is buying a hot tub.

When black people go to Poland, they are like. This is the real reason they are against mass immigration. They don’t want their trashy behavior questioned by the much more civilized niggers.

As far as Russia reporting on it – Russians are more paranoid than the Poles, quite frankly. Russians see a relatively rare disease outbreak in a city trafficked by NATO and immediately assume it’s a plot.

If it is a plot, it’s done by the Americans. I can tell you that much. The Russians don’t do this weird type shit. Even if they wanted to, they don’t have the mechanisms to cover it all up. What’s more, Russia’s main pitch to the third world is “lemme be real witchu, dawg.” They don’t benefit from giving the impression that they are doing weird shit like releasing diseases.

Furthermore, the benefit of releasing a disease only exists if you have the ability to spin it into some kind of hysteria, and the Russian media is simply not as sophisticated as the American media when it comes to creating massive hoaxes. A disease outbreak doesn’t really mean anything on its own.

This idea of a global virus outbreak is fantastical and can’t even happen in real life. Sick people tend to self-quarantine, and healthy people tend to avoid people who are sick. If you’re not visibly sick it is impossible to spread a seasonal respiratory infection. What’s more, modern sanitation stops these things from spreading. You’ll note I mentioned a hot tub – this is one of the single most unsanitary things that exists in the modern world. It’s basically a bacteria growing machine. All this is to say: if there is a bug going around, it can’t really spread very far.

Probably, the reason the US would purposefully release this bacteria – if that in fact happened – would be to blame it on Russia. I can’t think of any other practical purpose for it.

Unless they want to cancel the war and blame it on a disease outbreak…?

Frankly, analysis is a waste of time these days. This just happens randomly. I’m an obsolete relic from an age where events followed patterns.