Never Ask the Police “Are You Going to Shoot Me?” – They Take It as a Challenge

I’m done defending the cops against the blacks.

Ever since the cops locked us all in our houses for that stupid fake virus hoax, I’m on team black.

Seriously: black or not, why are you going to shoot a pregnant woman?


Newly released police body camera footage shows an officer firing through the windshield of a pregnant woman’s car after she was accused of shoplifting at a grocery store in a Columbus, Ohio, suburb last week.

The woman, 21-year-old Ta’kiya Young – whose death her family called a “criminal act” and “gross misuse of power and authority” after seeing the footage – was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

The video shows a Blendon Township police officer approaching Young’s driver’s side window outside a Kroger in Westerville and repeatedly telling her to get out of the car.

A second officer, who is also wearing a body camera, then steps in front of the sedan.

“They said you stole something….get out of the car,” the officer at the window says, telling Young not to leave.

“I didn’t steal sh*t,” Young can be heard saying as the two argue back and forth with her window slightly ajar.

I think it’s probably fair to assume she actually did steal something.

Police previously said a grocery store employee had notified officers that a woman who had stolen bottles of alcohol was in a car parked outside the store.

“Get out of the f**king car,” the officer standing in front of the car says, his gun drawn and his left hand braced on the hood of the car, the video shows.

At one point, Young is heard saying, “You gonna shoot me?”

Young can then be seen turning the wheel of the car as the officer next to her window continues to urge her to exit the vehicle.

“Get out of the f**king car,” the officer in front of the car repeats as the vehicle begins to move slowly forward, the video shows.

A few seconds elapse and then the officer standing in front of the hood fires through the windshield.

After the shot, the officers run alongside the car yelling at the driver to stop.

The cops are not even more likely to shoot black people. They kill white people constantly. The blacks are just the ones that make it into the media.

Cops think they are gods because the Jew state has imbued them with godlike powers to decide whether you live or die.

Obviously, you need to have cops and you need to have law and order and cops need to have the ability to kill people if necessary. That’s what “law” means – it means the cops can kill you.

The blacks do do this thing where they try to drive away, and in this situation, the car is considered a deadly weapon and therefore the cops have a right to use deadly force.

I understand that.

However, I don’t really care. This government is illegitimate, and therefore it does not have the right to use force against anyone.

I’m sick of the cops, and I would rather we do the original thing of abolishing the police and then letting people form their own militias to defend themselves and their stores from the blacks.

I’m tired of blacks as well, of course. But all things being equal, the cops are a much bigger problem than the blacks. The cops are in fact the ones that shield the blacks, just like they shield the child molesters at the school. They shield the whole Democrat/Jew agenda.

Then they get thrown under the bus for doing what is obviously the correct thing to do in a situation with the blacks – cry me a river.