More Pro-Lifers Convicted, Risk 10+ Years in Prison and Hundreds of Thousands in Fines

Basically, these people committed a minor crime that they’ve added a bunch of enhancements to, because abortion is a special behavior which is very sacred in nature.

National Catholic Register:

Three pro-life activists who took part in an October 2022 “rescue” in a Washington, D.C., abortion facility were each found guilty of felonies that could land them up to 11 years in prison and fines as much as $350,000.

The verdict follows a separate trial in which five other pro-life activists were also found guilty.

The activists — 74-year-old Joan Bell, 73-year-old Jean Marshall and 41-year-old Jonathan Darnel — were indicted on felony conspiracy against rights and violating the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, also known as the FACE Act. The FACE Act increased penalties for people who accost or obstruct women who are seeking abortion at abortion facilities or obstructing pregnancy-resource centers.

According to the Department of Justice, the three activists engaged in a conspiracy to create a blockade of an abortion facility.

The DOJ claims that Bell and Marshall were among a group of activists who forcefully entered the abortion business and blockaded two doors with their bodies, furniture, chains and ropes. The DOJ adds that Darnel remained outside of the abortion facility but livestreamed the group’s activism on social media.

According to the DOJ, Marshall and Bell traveled to the Washington, D.C., area to meet with Darnell and others to participate in the protest, which was directed by another activist.

“Joan Bell’s children were in the audience shaking and crying,” Bernadette Patel, a pro-life activist who did not partake in the rescue, told CNA.

“Joan took off her red shirt to reveal a bright yellow shirt with the words ‘Pro Life’ written on it,” Patel said. “Jonathan Darnell gave a wave before being escorted out. Jean Marshall brought a doctor’s note saying that she was scheduled for a hip replacement, but the judge refused to keep her under house arrest, and all were taken away. Chris Bell [Joan’s husband[ teared up as he went to his car.”

Even though they committed a crime, technically, this is still political persecution, as they are being disproportionately punished because of their political views.

It’s also clearly unconstitutional that the federal government would have jurisdiction over this, especially given that Roe v. Wade was overturned.

This woman’s been arrested over 200 times protesting against abortion