Marjorie Taylor Greene Says BRICS is Going to Destroy the US Dollar


As a basic matter, I do not agree with attempts to save the US Anal Empire from total destruction.

It’s just obviously better for the people, better for future generations, if the empire is ended, and the natural order is allowed to return. If the empire collapses, the government simply will not have the resources to maintain this charade. They will have to take their boot off of our necks. Presumably, at that point, a right-wing strongman will be able to seize control of the US government. Either that, or it breaks apart like the USSR. Either way, it’s better for us.

When the empire comes apart, most of these immigrants are going to just leave. Even people born here will return to their countries of origin when there is nothing left to steal. Trannies will be unsustainable. None of these agendas will be sustainable.

It’s all upsides, really.

Nonetheless, Marjorie is right about what she is saying here.


As BRICS gains momentum, the US economy becomes weaker because the members of the grouping can circumvent American sanctions and trade in their own currencies, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said on Thursday.

Speaking to her constituents in Georgia, the Republican congresswoman lashed out at the administration of US President Joe Biden, which she said is turning a blind eye to the rise of BRICS – an economic group which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa and accounts for more than a quarter of global GDP.

The Republican firebrand claimed that while Washington is “doing… nonsense” – including providing all kinds of support to Ukraine which is locked in a conflict with Russia – “there are other countries in the world, powerful countries, organizing together because they are tired of the United States.”

In this sense, the BRICS countries are making serious trade agreements “where they are saying: we’ll buy from you, you’ll buy from us, we don’t care about US sanctions and we’ll sell to one another, buy and sell in our own currency, not the US dollar,” she stated.

“This is one of the most devastating things that can happen to all of us,” Greene claimed.

As BRICS becomes more powerful, the US dollar gets weaker, she said. “And you know what happens to all of us? We’re going to go broke,” the congresswoman predicted, adding that this dynamic will negatively affect the retirement plans and personal savings of ordinary Americans.

“What is going to happen to our children, when the US dollar means nothing anymore, because Russia, and China, and India with its huge population of billions of people have more buying power in their own currencies than we do? This is a very serious concern,” Greene said.

It’s a concern.

But why is the US dependent on international trade in order to keep from going “broke” in the first place?

The US is a very big country, and could easily be both rich and self-reliant. The fact that it isn’t shows that something has gone terribly wrong. The way the Jews have run our economy is on par with the way the Jews are running our elementary schools.

The only actual solution to this problem would be removing the Jews from power. No one is going to do that. Marjorie Taylor Greene is just going to keep talking about the Demon-RATS and claiming Joe Biden did all of this.

The only plausible solution to these problems is a total collapse of the American empire.

Of course, when people think of “collapse,” they think of the Fallout video game series or The Walking Dead or that horrible Cormac McCarthy novel “The Road.” I don’t envision anything so dramatic. In reality, it would be something basically the same as the collapse of the USSR, except with diversity.

That is to say: the country will be pushed back 100 years or so.

Again, I think the immigrants are largely going to leave. Certainly, the overwhelming majority of Asians and Indians will leave. Maybe parts of the Southwest will be taken over by Mexican drug gangs, but if that is the case, most of the Spanish-speaking immigrants will go to those territories or go home.

When the collapse happens, people are going to blame immigrants and they’re going to blame the Jews. It’s going to be extreme, as the whole collective mind shifts in a totally new direction.

It does not seem to me that this shift is possible without drastic hardship. After people went along with the coronavirus hoax, with people now going along with the child tranny agenda, we have to assume that they will go along with really anything, so long as they get to keep their basic comforts. Those comforts have to be removed.

Of course, I still support supporting Trump in 2024. You know. It’s whatever. Who knows – maybe he will seize power in a coup? I don’t think that will happen, but who knows. Regardless, Trump is hastening the collapse by showing that democracy is a scam.