Macron Calls Out “Bullshit” Presidential Term Limit, Implies Desire to Rule Forever

Macron will rule eternally.

He will be augmented by machines and become Le Space Emperor.

The only thing standing in his way are these bullshit term limits.


French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned his country’s presidential term limit as “damnable bulls**t,” rejecting a proposal to further restrict presidents to just seven years in office, AFP reported.

Macron reportedly voiced irritation with the law during a 12-hour marathon meeting with party leaders on Wednesday, saying it was “damnable bulls**t that one could not be reelected” following their second five-year term.

The comments came in response to a suggestion to limit French presidents to a single seven-year term, floated by the head of the right-wing National Rally party Jordan Bardella, according to veteran leftist MP Jean-Luc Melenchon and two other participants at the discussions cited by AFP.

Taking office in 2017 at the age of 39, and winning reelection last year, Macron is set to complete his second and final term in 2027, when he will become France’s youngest ex-president. Under French law, he would be prohibited from a third presidential bid.

Macron’s allies have also criticized term limits in the past, with former parliamentary speaker Richard Ferrand, a close supporter, declaring in June that they restrict “the expression of the popular will.”

“All of that puts a straightjacket on our public life with rules that limit the free choice of citizens,” he told the Figaro newspaper. “Let’s change it all, while keeping the bicameral system and the Constitutional Council, the guardian of our republican principles and public liberties.”

Ferrand’s proposal was slammed by critics across the political spectrum, however, with both right-wing senator Alain Houpert and socialist leader Mathilde Panot rejecting the idea as authoritarian.

Honestly, term limits are bullshit. It’s never made any sense to me that if a ruler is doing a good job, he not be allowed to continue ruling.

The bigger issue is: having these term limits means that no leader really cares that much about what he does during his term. This encourages corruption. If you’re just in and out, then your incentive is to loot. You’re not building a legacy. This is a very different situation than if you are planning on being ruler for life.

This notion of men doing temporary “service” for the government is very idealistic. But even if you accept this idealism, then you have to put the same limits on every single government employee. When you have institutions in the government that are permanent, they are going to have a lot more power than a presidential figurehead who is just passing through.

If you just go down the list, you find that democracy is all of the most corrupt possible elements mixed together.

Of course, Macron probably does envision himself as some sort of evil dictator.

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Of course, being married to a granny like that is arguably much more anti-social than just being openly homosexual. At least at this point.

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